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What We Do


We believe that stories are at the heart of things, and we are here to tell them. Stories about the science that surrounds us, about the wonders of our environments, about the questions that arise from advances in research and technology. About what makes us human.


We also believe that stories and objects are diverse and valuable, companions in our everyday life, and we are here to curate them. We aim to create a modern day cabinet of curiosities for your home.


That's why we set up Unplucked, a platform to create interesting, fun, useful, and ethically produced objects for the home. We channel designs commissioned from UK-based inspiring artists and designers into production of interior furnishings and everyday domestic items.


All designs are credited, increasing the visibility of the artist and designer through a different medium. And all products are manufactured, at small and medium scale, in the UK. The aim is to set in motion what is in effect an ecosystem, where all the components are supported by principles of sustainable production.


Supporting good local design; supporting good local manufacturing.


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