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We all feel a great affinity with our pets. In many cases, they are a true extension of ourselves. But have you ever wondered how much we really have in common? How much of our actual genetic blueprint we share with them?


PetCODE, a collection brought to you by Unplucked and DotOne, explores this question in a playful, scientifically rigorous manner. It is possible to visualise which parts of our genetic code humans share with other species by colour coding the 23 human chromosomes, and mapping this colour onto chromosomes of other species where similarities in their DNA sequence occur.


We have started with 4 initial ‘companions’ (Cat, Dog, Chicken & Guinea pig), but who knows where we will end!



Who has not dreamt of discovering things while travelling? Lost treasures, forgotten landscapes, animals never seen by mankind before.


Half mountain goat/half leopard, half fish/half peacock...adapted to other lands, seas, and skies


Unplucked invites you to discover some of these creatures, these chimeras

that fuelled the imagination of travellers and naturalists throughout the ages on voyages around the world.


In collaboration with artist Caitlin Parks (Underway Studio), Unplucked explores this notion of Chimeras in a playful way, in a world of ever-changing ecosystems and their potential future inhabitants .


Sounds of London

We all lead busy lives, running between things, meeting people in different locations, moving from one neighbourhood to another. And most of the time, we only perceive a fraction of what actually makes those spaces what they are. We are still guided by one of our senses, vision, as the main navigator of our environments, with smell and hearing following behind.


Sounds are indeed a constant presence in our life, but have you ever wondered what the sounds that surround you can actually look like? What sort of rich, voluminous landscapes they build? As the curious creatures that we are, we have explored some of these landscapes in more depth, starting with our own neighbourhoods, the streets of London.


SOUNDS OF LONDON is a collaboration between Unplucked and Pablo Padilla Jargstorf, architect, visual/sound artist, and composer. Through a series of visualisations of the field recordings during 20-minute walks around five separate areas of this city (Covent Garden, Dalston, Portobello, Piccadilly / Leicester Sq, and Southbank), we invite you to immerse yourself in some of London’s most iconic landscapes.



Lampshades: 30cm x 21cm, Ceiling or tabletop, in cotton satin.  UK-based assembly. All our lamp shades have passed the glow wire tests to conform to British Standards for luminaires BS EN 60598 


Cushions: Velvet, 50x50, feather insert. Crepe de Chine, 50x50 & 60x40, feather insert. UK-based assembly. 


Wallhangings: Cotton Linen, 100cmx100cm, UK-based assembly.


Table Placemats: 290mmx 230mm, laminated on cork, UK-based assembly.

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