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Purveyors of everyday domestic
objects inspired by science



Nothing better to understand our contemporary cabinet of curiosities than to browse through our images, our stories, and our gallery of products. Showcasing how we transform the universe of each collection into beautiful design-led, practical, sustainable products for everyday life.


Pet Code

A playful take on the notion of 'how much you assemble your pet' by comparing the similarities in genetic material between humans and four common domestic companions (Cat, Dog, Guinea Pig and Chicken) and its distribution across their specific chromosomes. 

The Sounds of London

Let yourself be embraced by the textures of sound of five of London's most iconic landscapes. Sounds of London brings you a visual representation of a 20-minute walk from five different areas of London: Piccadilly, Southbank, Portobello, Covent Gardens and Dalston.

Underwater Meadows

Come and dive with us amongst some of the most incredible plants on our planet, creating beautiful underwater grasslands that offer shelter to multitude of species, create barriers against erosion, and are one of our most effective champions of carbon capture.


Join us on a journey in time. To the past, to encounter some of those quasi mythical creatures, imagined by global travellers and explorers, and to the future to reflect on the adaptation pressures that climate change is placing on all the species inhabiting our planet.  

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